About Dr. Borseth


Everyday, I work with people who have been looking for answers & solutions to their health problems. They just want to retain their vitality and energy again so they can get through the day, doing what they need to do and not feel sick or lethargic.”Dr. Doreen Borseth, DC

    Dr. Doreen Borseth, DC, is known as “The Energy Activator for Worn and Weary Women”.  She is passionate about transforming tired women into the vibrant dynamos they’re longing to be.  She has dedicated herself to discovering and understanding the root causes of each person’s unique health challenges. As a holistic chiropractor specializing in clinical nutrition, Dr. Doreen Borseth has over 30 years of experience in helping people achieve their greatest energy vitality and vibrant good health.

Dr. Doreen can show you how to put all of the “puzzle pieces” together by providing custom tailored solutions she uses in her cutting-edge Vibrant Health Blueprint™ System.  

Her personalized system reveals the secrets that lie in your own unique biochemistry and provides the answers you need to get the health and vitality you so deeply desire.


Dr. Doreen Borseth attended both Palmer Chiropractic College and Life Chiropractic College, graduating Magna Cum Laude in 1984.  She has published many articles on a variety of health and wellness topics and has been Director of a successful chiropractic and nutrition office for over 30 years.

Dr. Borseth knows that good health is more than just the absence of disease. The emphasis of her work is to help her patients feel strong, vibrant and energetic. She wants each one to experience clear thinking, sharp mental focus & high levels of energy!

While Dr. Borseth has her office in San Diego, California she is able to work with people by phone or Skype in all 50 states.  You may schedule your free consultation by calling (858) 576-6900.

"It's so exciting to have the ability to make a difference using both an intuitive and a science-based approach to getting answers about what's causing my clients to suffer, offering them hope and delivering a truly life-changing experience. I love my work!"           Dr. Doreen

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